Sabarot: authentic know-how since 1819

Jean-Pierre Sabarot, company founder



Brives mill

The company centenary, 1919





Chiefs Bernard Loiseau, Régis and Jacques Marcon, Gérard Klein and Paul Bocuse for le Puy green lentil promotion

Our history

In 1819, Jean-Pierre Sabarot settled in Haute-Loire (France) buying a mill: this is the birth of the company.
At the end of the 19th century, the company is oriented towards sorting and sale of the famous Le Puy green lentil. The activity naturally extended to a range of quality pulses and cereals.
The company, wishing to develop the richness of its region, sells for 30 years wild mushrooms and develops its sectors worldwide.
Since 1996, Sabarot manufactures and sells canned snails. The company has become the European leader in this sector.

Today, the 7th generation is in charge and perpetuates the ancestral know-how which made the fame of Sabarot.
This expertise, the rigor, advanced technologies, qualitative approaches, the selection of suppliers and certification allowed Sabarot to obtain an international recognition.

Historic packagings


''The lion'' Sabarot

''The Lion'' Sabarot collection





An evolving expertise to ensure the quality of each single product

Headquarters and factory, in Chaspuzac

Canning factory, in Polignac

Our shop, 15 rue Courrerie in le Puy-en-Velay (France) since 2015

Sabarot spirit

“In France for 7 generations,
offer healthy, good and simple products
rooted in the agriculture or gathering tradition.”

Antoine Wassner

Director, Sabarot-Wassner

Our “best sellers”

Activity percentage

  • Hypermarkets and supermarkets 37% 37%
  • Non-domestic catering 24% 24%
  • Export 16% 16%
  • Industry 15% 15%
  • Hard discount 8% 8%

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