Pulses take pride of place ! The UN has declared 2016 “International Year of Pulses” (IYP) so they have the place of honour in our plates all around the world.

Pulses does have super-powers. That’s why the United Nations and the FAO point out that they have the ability to be part of the solutions to many problems related to today’s world nutrition. We can quote:

  • Food security: pulses culture is suited to most local conditions through their many varieties. They can be grown by local farmers for their own food, to feed the animals as well as for sale. They can be stored for a long time, which is important for improving food security. Finally, their low cost makes them accessible to all.
  • Health: pulses are rich in fiber, plant proteins, vitamins and minerals and poor in satured fats. It is proofed that pulses have an important role in the prevention of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
  • The environment: pulses have a decisive role in agriculture. Indeed pulses are the only plants that have, by nature, the ability to capture nitrogen from the air and fix it in the soil in order to reuse it. They thus make it possible to enrich the soil with nitrogen without outside input of fertilizers. Plus, they promote the biodiversity of the soil on which they are grown. Pulses also have a low carbon footprint and moderate water requirements.

What is a pulse ?

by Pulse Pledge

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