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“Gourmet blends signed by Sabarot”

Faire savoir faire (March 2016).
Faire savoir faire dedicate an article to Sabarot and its new mix that combine cereals, pulses and rice. The magazine also presents the vegetarian blog which offers consumers to opt one day a week for plant proteins…

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“Le Puy green lentils, so rich ‘caviar of the poor’.”

L’Express (January 2014).
AOC cultivated in Haute-Loire, the green lentils from le Puy was rediscovered in the 1990s by the chiefs Régis Marcon, Paul Bocuse, Bernard Loiseau and Michel Roth.
“I had the click by participating in comparative tests of tasting; simply cooked in water, without salt and sauce, the le Puy green lentil surpassed others.” The auvergnat Chief…

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