Pour 2 personnes

Plus de 45 minutes

Un peu complexe

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  • For the dough:

250g flour

Alpina Savoie1 large egg

1 pinch of salt

80ml cold water

10g of mushrooms and cepes dried Sabarot

  • For the stuffing:

8 slices of pancetta

150g of faisselle Rians

1CC of Basil

1 pinch of salt

the pulp of grilled artichoke olive oil

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1.  Make the dough

Crush the dry mushrooms before using your device.

2. Prepare the stuffing:

In a blender, place the pancetta, Basil and sea salt. Mixer. Add the cottage cheese and mix.

3. Shaping of the ravioli:

Divide the dough into 8 balls of equal size.

On the floured work surface, spread each ball to the rolling pin so as to obtain 8 thin sheets.

Put a sheet on the mold to ravioli. Using a small spoon, take some stuffing and place it on the dough at the level of each cavity.

Cover with another sheet of dough. Roll to seal the leaves between them and forming ravioli.

Cook the ravioli in a large pot of boiling water (they are cooked when they rise to the surface, 2 minutes).

Drain and serve by watering of a touch of olive oil to the grilled artichoke pulp.

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