The “Polenta roll” and “Quinoa roll”, practical and entertaining solution for the whole family: slice, pan-fry, eat!

Sabarot innovates with its range of ready-to-slice rolls prepared using a natural process, without additives, naturally gluten-free and packaged into small original 500g roll (~17 oz). Practical and innovative, they meet the expectations of consumers who want quick to prepare, but also safe and healthy products.

Small polenta ready to slice quinoa

The “Polenta roll” and “Quinoa roll” are a perfect alternative to pasta and rice and diversify the plates of the family… easly! Just cut slices in these cute rolls and glaze them in a pan or in the oven a few minutes! Serve with meat or fish, with a spicy sauce, in salads, to make original lasagna or simply with pan-fried vegetables and mushrooms, the “Polenta roll” and “Quinoa roll” will soon become essential!

With a creative and playful pckaging, these ready-to-slice rolls are available in the grocery department, format simple and convenient format which allows you to slice 8 patties in it (makes 3-4 servings). Rewarded by the innovation trophy in the “salty grocery” category end of 2015 for this novelty, Sabarot does not stop there…