The family of the Le Puy green lentils biscuits grows !

Did you know? Once associated with sugar, Le Puy green lentil reveals a taste of chestnut with a delicate nutty flavor, that’s why in addition to being the Queen of the entries and dishes of all kinds, it is also popular for making delicious desserts!

This is why Sabarot the values through its Le Puy green lentil  gourmet spread, but also its range of biscuits with Le Puy green lentil flour. Natures, lemon or chocolate Valrhona, they are available in transparent bags or metal box to satisfy all gourmets!



Mushrooms in vinegar to Sting as an aperitif

And for even more choices, you can also find our pickles of mushrooms! Porcini and chanterelles: poke, taste!



New spreads are invited to the party!

Spread mushrooms and black olives from Nyons
Spread mushrooms and Espelette pepper
Confit of mushrooms, onions and cranberries
Sweet mustard scented with the porcini
Tapenade of olives with white quinoa
Tapenade of olives with red quinoa

These new recipes are added to revenues existing Sabarot (spread beans ingots to peppers, spread of red lentils with dried tomatoes, spread of lentils Curry, spread of lentils in mustard, spread chickpeas with lemon confit) for still more varied drinks… and gourmets!