7th generation sabarot
a family story


Today, the 7th generation is at the helm and perpetuates

the ancestral know-how that made Sabarot famous.


1st generation


Leader from 1819 to 1854

In 1819, he moved to Haute-Loire, buying a mill there: this was the birth of the company. The company, at its beginnings is devoted primarily to the manufacture and the trade of cloth then diversifies thanks to to activity of traditional flour milling.

2nd generation

charles sabarot

Leader from 1854 to 1882

Mayor of the town of Brives-Charensac, he adds barley and oats shelling to the traditional activity thanks to the acquisition of new, more efficient machines making SABAROT a modern company.

3rd generation

joseph sabarot

Dirigeant de 1883 à 1913

In 1900, the family business started sorting Lentille verte du Puy. Joseph Sabarot was convinced that the success of the company would come as much from the commitment
of its staff as from the investments made for its modernization.


 4th generation

maurice PETTEX

Leader from 1913 to 1924


The direct purchase from producers, ancestral knowledge, the implementation of cutting-edge techniques ensure the company a leading position.  

5th generation


Leader from 1924 to 1965

He perpetuates the know-how of the company with the help of the farmers. In 1960, automation was complete for the bagging and labeling of lentils.


Leader from 1965 to 1973

The activity will extend, quite naturally, thereafter, to the entire range of quality pulses and cereals.


6th generation


Leader from 1973 to 1989

The company, keen to develop the wealth of its region, has been marketing wild mushrooms for 30 years and is developing its sectors all over the world. The cannery is expanding its range with canned red fruits.



Leader from 1989 to 2016

Since 1996, Sabarot has been manufacturing and selling canned snails in Polignac. The company has become the European leader in this sector. The cereals and pulses activity will henceforth be carried out at the new Chaspuzac site.


7th generation


Leader since 2016

Today, the 7th generation is at the helm and perpetuates the ancestral know-how that made Sabarot famous.This know-how, rigorous execution, state-of-the-art technologies, qualitative approaches, the selection of its suppliers and certifications have enabled Sabarot to achieve international notoriety while maintaining a family character.


Winner for his strategic vision, Antoine relies on the quickly growing Veggie trend to develop new product ranges. The company even offers its own mixes and recipes, as well as a range of sprouted seeds and an IQF line.

The young leader intends to make Sabarotthe finder of the seeds of tomorrow”

some numbers

200 years of experience, 200 years of know-how, 200 years of investments.


€60 million turnover


we export to more than 50 countries


from 45 employees in 2016 to 150 today

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