In 2016, Sabarot was awarded the label entrepreneurs + engagés.

But what is the entrepreneurs + engagés label ?

This label created in 2014 by FEEF (Fédération des Entreprises et des Entrepreneurs de France) to promote French companies of excellence. It is issued after a meticulous audit checking maintaining and creating jobs, the respect of human values and the preservation of the environment.

Sabarot is proud to have received this label which is held by less than 100 companies in France. Among them, references such as Malongo, Kindy or Rica Lewis.

The entrepreneurs + engagés logo is present, gradually, in all cases of the Sabarot brand. It is a reference for consumers because it gives meaning to the act of purchase and reassure them about the origin of  goods.

What are the benefits to purchase entrepreneurs + engagés products?

Buy a product labeled entrepreneurs + engagés, it is primarily consume responsible! This label allows you to understand what is behind a product. It therefore answer the consumer demand for transparency and allows to trust labeled companies.

Sabarot is proud to be part of this community of entrepreneurs worried of their environment. For a company that cultivates the land for nearly 200 years, it’s a fair return to be labelled in the aim of preserving the environnement better!