Makes: 1 serving

More than 45 minutes


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1. Spelt (risotto way cooking)

Heat a little oil in a pan, put the spelt, stir. Add the vegetables broth and herbs (coriander) ladle by ladle when the spelt absorb water for 40 minutes until it’s cooked.

2. Red and white quinoa

Put the quinoa in boiling and salted water, cook for 10 minutes.

3. Mushrooms

Take a whole porcini mushroom and bake softly on all sides (or take some porcini mushrooms from the Premium range and simply reheat). Cook chanterelle mushrooms (idem).

4. In the bottom of a strainer, put half a tea ball, fill the strainer with quinoa and spelt, unmold.

5. Make a sauce by mixing spices and herbs in plant cream and drop into volcanoes. Add the chanterelles in cereal volcanoes. Use pepper drops as topping.

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